fredag den 25. november 2011

Nail it !

Here's a little 'how to' for glittery coustom nails.

First apply a coat of clear nailpolish.
While it's still wet, dip your nails in your glitter of choice :)
Make sure the hole nail is covered.
The apply another layer of clear polish.

Now - sit still and don't mess up your nails !!!!
Give them plenty of time to dry, and you will have the most beautiful nails <3

En lille DIY til glitter negle :)
Læg et lag klar lak, dyp så neglene i glitter.
Læg endnu et lag lak for at fiksere glitteren.
Så er det bare om at sidde stille mens det tørre !
Vupti - de fineste glitter negle <3

Nailpolish - Top coat gloss, Glitter - Scorpio (Make Up Store)

Now grab your heels, and your good to go ! :) 

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